Cloud Based. Customizable. Per-Project Pricing

eComm is a single project shared workspace that organizes all project information. eComm initiates, tracks and traces changes (e.g., Submittals, RFI, CO, ASI) as they happen, via the web. The set routing and approval process automates the steps to approve and share changes, reducing risk and saving time.

Designed by AEC companes and built by experts in construction workflow, eComm seamlessly fits with the project team members' existing systems and processes.


Increase Project Communication

  • Monitor open items and issues
  • Project transparency
  • View, process items on submittal log, RFI log, change order, pay applications and other custom workflows
  • Populate items to other team members for processing
  • Access details and reports
  • Receive timely email notifications

Track Project Documents

  • View most recent and previous versions of documents
  • Post, view, process, access field reports, meeting minutes, punch lists, schedules and other custome items
  • Mark up documents using the built in PDF editor tool with your stamps & signatures
  • Sort, filter, search items and documents

Build Electronic Document Closeout

  • Build the project's electronic closeout from eComm documents
  • Includes all item documents, and activity logs
  • Know ahead of time what you DO and DON'T have on hand and address immediately
  • Searchable organized electronic closeout for archive

eComm is owned and operated by its parent company, Lynn Imaging. Lynn Imaging is responsible for product development, and boasts more than 70 years in the construction industry.

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